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Red Curly Willow Wreaths

Red Curly Willow Wreath

Our fresh Red Curly Willow Wreaths are made from our most popluar willow. They are available in two sizes : small 24" - 34" and medium 38"- 48" .





Red Curly Willow before harvest. Note the reddish copper color of the bark in winterRed Curly Willow plant after harvestRed Curly Willow Bundle sizes : Tips - 2'-4', Medium -4'-5', Tall - 5'-7' Green Curly Willow : Tall and Medium grades bundle sizesBunches , tip size : Red Curly Willow, Green Curly Willow, Cardinal Dogwood , Yellow Twig Dogwood, and Purple Heirloom WillowPurple Heirloom WillowPurple Heirloom Willow BundlesPurple Heirloom WillowRed Curly Willow Wreath