Red Curly Willow Wreaths

Red Curly Willow Wreath

Our fresh Red Curly Willow Wreaths are made from our most popluar willow. They are available in two sizes : small 24" - 34" and medium 38"- 48" .




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What's going on in February at Illinois Willows

Posted 2/7/2012 12:15pm by Kent Miles.

The first week this month started off very busy with continuing construction with the High Tunnel . This unseasonable weather we are having has helped greatly in the progress moving along with our timetable.

The majority of our seed orders have arrived and working on which varieties and dates ( calender)  for sowing.

Valentines Day product ( Red Curly , Purple Heirloom & Japanese Fantail Willows) are being shipped out to Wichita, Kansas and Mid West wholesale florists. Kansas is the furthest west our willows have gone to floral designers to use for the holiday.

We are still making wreaths ( Red Curly and Euonymus ) this month. Illinois Willows will be  participating in an event next month and are gearing up with wreaths and fresh cut bunches of willows, dogwood,etc. More on the event to follow.

Later this week , I will be traveling to Raleigh, N.C. to attend a board meeting of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. It is our Spring board meeting. This is going to be my first meeting on the board, recently started (January ) as the Mid-West Regional Director.